Permanent staff


Lionel Pernet, Director (protohistory, Roman era)
Julia Genechesi, Deputy Director, Chief Curator (coins and medals)
Sabine Utz, Chief Curator (archaeology, history, ethnology)
David Cuendet, Laboratory Manager, Restorer

Curators and Inventory

Hélène Blitte, Curator (protohistory)
Jérôme Bullinger, Curator (prehistory)
Barbara Hiltmann, Curator (Greek and Roman coins)
Carine Raemy-Tournelle, Curator (medieval and modern coins and medals)
Esther Cuchillo, Research Supervisor (prehistory, school heritage)
Anne Kapeller, Research Supervisor (Roman era, classical archaeology)
Claude Leuba, Research Supervisor (archives, ethnology)
Sylvie Zimmermann, Research Supervisor (Roman era, middle ages)
Anne-Sylvie Estoppey, Registrar
Georges Keller, Technical Manager


Aline Berthoud, Restorer
Laure-Anne Küpfer, Restorer
Stéphane Ramseyer, Restorer
Karen Vallée, Restorer


Martine Piguet, Cultural Mediator
Aude Souillac, Cultural Mediator


Jessica Perret, Administrator
Coralie Zufferey, Secretary
Cosette Lagnel, Librarian

As well as many auxiliaries, interns and civilian service workers, whose support is precious in accomplishing the museum's missions.