Temporary Exhibitions

May 11 2023 - February 18 2024

Sacré Mormont !

Investigation among the Celts

Discovered in 2006, the Celtic archaeological site of Mormont is unique in Europe and still very mysterious. This exhibition, in the form of a police investigation, allows visitors to discover the work of scientists and the wonders of a natural site that is in the spotlight.
Exhibition in FR and ENG 

Large Rooms (2nd floor)

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September 22 2023 - May 12 2024

Hors d'usage ?

Collections invisibles 2023

Everyday objects were normal to those who used them but with the passing of time they have changed, been specialized or forgotten. As a result, they sometimes become mysterious and their uses puzzling. Which of these once-indispensable items can you identify ?

Frédéric Troyon Room (1st floor)

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