Palais de Rumine : Summer opening, from July 1 to August 18 2024
MCAH Library : closed from July 29 to August 16 2024  


Temporary Exhibitions

June 4 - September 29 2024

Spring Collections

Latest news on archaeological discoveries

Every year, some twenty archaeological digs are carried out in the Vaud canton. The majority of these finds, which are the property of the State, are destined to enrich the MCAH collections. Some objects have been selected to illustrate current field research and highlight the restorations carried out by the museum's laboratory.

Frédéric Troyon (1st floor) and Colin Martin (3rd floor) Rooms

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June 21 2024 - March 30 2025

Specimens 24

Our collections tell...

A joint exhibition by the Naturéum and the MCAH

Spécimens 24. Nos collections racontent... is the first exhibition led by the Naturéum, in partnership with the MCAH and in collaboration with the museums of Plateforme 10.

Palais de Rumine (Large Rooms - 2nd floor), Cantonal Botanical Gardens of Lausanne and Pont-de-Nant

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